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Lasting Power Of Attorney

We have experience in drafting General Powers of Attorney, Lasting Powers of Attorney Health & Welfare, and Lasting Powers of Attorney and Property and Financial Affairs: A Lasting Power of Attorney lasts after you lose your mental capacity. You should only grant a Power of Attorney to those persons who have the utmost personal integrity. We will need their Name, address and postcode. You have to have the capacity to make a Power of Attorney.

Attorneys should take into account your views, even in circumstances where you have lost a significant amount of your mental capacity.

They have to respect your views even if your views are not what they would do. It is possible to have a number of Attorneys who can either act together, or independently. In relation to a Lasting Power of Attorney Health and Welfare, there are some questions on the form which deal with the ability of your Attorneys to determine actions in relation to life support machines. You need to consider this.

In reality, everyone should have a Lasting Power of Attorney. If you lose your mental capacity, it is expensive to make an application to be appointed a Deputy after the event.