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Divorce is a difficult time. We aim to help you go through this difficult part of your life. We like to ensure that you understand the procedure, what is likely to happen, the likely outcome and the steps you take.

We undertake a large amount of cases involving divorce, finances on divorce and children matters.

We have many years expertise in dealing with divorce procedure, in obtaining evidence of the matrimonial assets, in assisting in the mediation procedure, in advising upon the division of capital, in advising on how to divide the former matrimonial home and other property and at what point. We also regularly advise on spousal and child maintenance. We are highly experienced in this area and have dealt with a large variety of cases from cases involving small assets to those involving millions of pounds.

We have dealt with numerous cases concerning businesses. We have a lot of expertise in analysing Company accounts. We have a great deal of expertise in how to unearth hidden assets.

We advise on Capital Gains Tax on divorce and regularly discuss Capital Gains Tax with accountants.

We can advise how to divide pensions on divorce in the various prescribed ways, including offsetting, pension sharing and pension splitting orders. We will assist you in respect of the Pensions Guide and will assist in the case law such as W v H. We can also arrange financial advice on how to invest any pensions you acquire or retain.

We will take you through your individual position carefully explaining at each stage what you need to do. Hence you will know precisely what is likely to happen and how to go about obtaining a sensible outcome. We will ensure that you understand what you need to obtain for us to represent you effectively. We will aim to help you take the worry out of the process.

We will draft the divorce petition for you online

We will, as soon as we have sufficient information, give you an indication of the likely settlement on divorce. We aim to give at least a rough indication at the first appointment of the probable settlement provided enough information is available.

In an ideal world it is always helpful to have the following documents if possible but you should not delay seeing us if you have not got them:

- Marriage Certificate.

- Valuation of all properties.

- A mortgage redemption figure.

-Valuations of all endowment, ISA's, Bonds, Investments etc.

- Copies of 3 months worth of credit cards statements.

-A business valuation if applicable.

- Last P60

- Wage slips for the last three months.

- Copy Tax Return.

- Valuations of Pensions- You will need to send of a Form P.

- Copy accounts.

- 12 months worth of bank statements.

In reality, in most cases, we do not get most of these documents for several weeks. However, the more documents that you have the more accurate the advice we can give and this is also the best way to limit legal costs. These documents will need to be exchanged in a Form E.

It is important to take a pragmatic view and not to spend more money on a point, than the monetary value of that point warrants. Money is better in your pocket, than the lawyers. It is very easy to lose sight of what is important when you are going through a divorce. Always keep an eye on costs.

Judge’s views can vary significantly. This is an art and not a science. Spousal maintenance can be a lottery at times and taking a sensible pragmatic view and considering what you can live with, is important. For this reason, we will give quite strong advice at times about being pragmatic.

We are not the type of firm that tells you what you want to hear. We will tell you what in our view is likely to happen on the balance of probability.

In the first instance, please make an appointment, by a request by e-mail. If you can give us some details, and your telephone number that would help.