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Employment Law

Employment Law: We act on behalf of individuals, businesses and Unions. We are highly experienced at working both for employees and employers (Employment Law). Our services include :

- Drafting Employment Contracts.

- Drafting Contracts for workers.

- Drafting Company Handbooks.

- Drafting Service Agreements.

- Drafting Policies and Procedures.

- Drafting Handbooks.

- Unfair Dismissal Claims.

- Redundancy Claims.

- Equal Pay Claims.

- Sexual Discrimination Claims.

- TUPE advice.

- Whistle Blowing.

- Advising on Settlement Agreements and Employment Law. Settlement Agreements for Employees If you have been offered a Settlement Agreement to terminate your employment and you wish for advice please telephone us immediately on 01245 345999.

A Settlement Agreement is a legally binding agreement.

They are used by employers to achieve a full and final settlement and to ensure that you cannot then go to an Employment Tribunal to complain that the termination of your employment was unfair. You need to be concerned about the following :

- That sums in relation to loss of employment are paid without the deduction of tax. That sums that normally attract tax such as sick pay and holiday pay are expressed accordingly.

That the legal fees are payable by the employer.

- That you consider whether you have any personal injury claims against the employer and the possible effects of a Settlement Agreement on this.

That you determine how the pensions are going to be effected by the Settlement Agreement.

We normally undertake between approximately 10 – 30 Settlement Agreements per month and therefore we are able to read through these quite quickly and are able to point out to you where there are problems. We act independently of the employer.

We act for one of the largest Unions in the Country and advise them on Settlement Agreements on a regular basis.

Settlement Agreement for Employers We have a great deal of experience in drafting Settlement agreements for employers. We can usually affect a draft within 48 hours for you, subject to court hearings.